The Princess Bride readalong, part 1

princess bride graphicThe readalong has started and I finally have the time to talk about it. So far we read until part 4, called “The preparations”.

This is a re-read for me so I already knew that all the talk about the book being written by S. Morgenstern and only abridged by William Goldman is all a big ruse.

I have to say that I found the introduction for the 25th Anniversary edition and then the preface or whatever you want to call it slightly lengthy if not boring. I skimmed it and was eager to finally get to “The Bride” part. Then the fun started.

I don’t know about you, but I have to admit that I don’t really like Buttercup very much. She seems to be quite cool with other people and especially condescending with Westley. Her sudden discovery that she loves him is based on jealousy and pretty shallow. Her declaration of love is sudden and totally over the top, and when she considers herself rejected, she turns it all into a joke. I can’t really find anything captivating in her – apart from her beauty, which is only revealed after she’s being told to bloody wash herself. How charming is that?

I love the style of writing with those little jokes that make the setting of time and place rather hard to determine. It is set before Europe, but AFTER America. The country Florin is set between Sweden and Germany, that would basically make it Denmark. Guilder is on the other side of the channel, God knows, what that might be, geographically it would be Sweden probably, but since we are speaking of a time before Europe, who knows. It’s all a bit vague.

Anyway, this is a fun read and I am already looking forward to the next part.

See Chrisbookarama’s post about the first part here.

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  1. I love the before and after jokes that were scattered through the first part of this novel!

    I actually don’t feel like we have gotten to know Buttercup very much at all, and I am starting to wonder if she is one of those characters that the events circle round, rather than having her being an active part of the story. Of course, it is a bit early for me to say that for sure!


  2. I wished I had skipped the intro in hindsight. Buttercup is quite shallow! The comments about what came before and after are my favorite parts. It seems to be a wonderfully fun read so far.


  3. Oh, I am glad I am not the only one who is at least ambivalent about Buttercup. She never came across like that in the book, at least not to that extent.

    Marg, I won’t give anything away, 🙂

    Shelley, yes, the before and after comments are such fun.


  4. I had the intro, too, and also found it tedious. Things really picked up, though, once I moved on to the “actual” book!


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