The Princess Bride readalong, part 2

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This week we read part 5, The Announcement. This is definitely one of my favourite parts, simply because it has a lot of Vizzini in it. I absolutely love Vizzini. Mostly, I think, because I saw the film first and adore Wallace Shawn. He is so great as Vizzini (even though I would never take him for a Sicilian at first sight). The stuff Vizzini comes up with is just awesome. Let me give you an example or two.

“There will be war”, the Sicilian agreed. “We have been paid to start it. It’s a fine line of work to be expert in. If we do this expertly there will be  a continual demand for our services.”

“Well, I don’t like it all that much,” the Spaniard said. “Frankly, I wish you had refused.”

“The offer was too high.”

“I don’t like killing a girl,” the Spaniard said.

“God does it all the time; if it doesn’t bother Him, don’t let it worry you.”

Later, when they are sailing in the channel, they find a man dressed in black following them in a quicker vessel. Vizzini finds that inconceivable. Then the man catches up and eventually follows them up the Cliffs of Insanity. Also inconceivable for Vizzini. So he comes up with this:

“…so when I tell you something, it is not guesswork, it is fact! And the fact is that the man in black is NOT following us. A more logical explanation would be that he is simply an ordinary sailor who dabbles in mountain climbing as a hobby who happens to have the same general final destination as we do. That certainly satisfies me and I hope it satisfies you.”

I can’t resist adding this montage of Vizzini’s “Inconceivable” scenes…


Throughout the book Goldman’s irony is just wonderful. Listen to this:

Everyone had told her, since she became a princess-in-training, that she was very likely the most beautiful woman in the world. Now she was going to be the richest and most powerful as well.

Don’t expect too much from life, Buttercup told herself as she rode along. Learn to be satisfied with what you have.

And then later on he does not give us the reunion scene! THAT is inconceivable! The couple is finally reunited and we don’t get to read the reunion scene, unless you write to Ballantine Books, lol. OMG, what a fun idea!

At the end of part 5 there was a surprise waiting for me. Judith mentioned the map in her book and I was disappointed that my issue didn’t have a map in it. However, when I marked the end of part 5 I realized it did have one after all. Just it is in the middle of the book and folds out. I must have completely forgotten about it. Here it is. Doesn’t it look lovely?

Princess Bride map

Chrisbookarama’s post about The Princess Bride this week will be up tomorrow due to the Read-a-thon today. I will link to it as soon as it is up.


Here it is.  

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  1. My map is totally different!!! For starters, Florin and Guilder are switched (Guilder is on the right on my map) and mine has more colors, place names etc.

    I’ll see if I can scan it to show you (not sure…).

    I enjoyed this part of the book as well, review to follow.
    Leeswammes (Judith)’s last post ..24 Hour Read-A-Thon- Hours 7-12


  2. I liked Vizzini’s logic that there had to be another explanation because he was so smart and never wrong.

    There were so many great quotes in this section!


  3. Hm, it seems some books have the same map as mine and some have another one.
    Judith, how strange that yours is totally different. You would think they at least agreed on the location of the countries. That would have added some much needed credibility, lol.

    Chris, yes, Vizzini’s logic is just great. I could have found tons of passages to quote, too.


  4. Shelley, I think he is my favourite character in the book. I’ll miss him.

    Connolly-Ahern, I agree, the dialogue in this part is awesome.


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