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well, I bought one…

  • “Soulless” by Gail Carriger for the Steampunk Challenge
  • “The Telling” by Eden Winters. This is a free book. If you want to get to know this writer, get it!
  • “Unrequited” by Abigail Roux. This was available for free last week at Rainbow e-books.
  • “Eternal” by Zachary Wild. This one is available for free right now at Rainbow e-books.


  • Something totally different. “Dinner for busy Moms” by Jeanne Muchnick. I have high hopes for this one. I hope to get organized and save time in the long run with the help of it. However, it doesn’t show well on my Reader, so the experience is slightly spoilt. I might have to read it on the PC, which I hate.
  • “Just a summer fling” by Lily Grace from Torquere Books. Fall is coming, so I went for a summer read. Makes sense. Already reviewed.
  • “And is never shaken” by Alexi Silversmith from Dreamspinner. I liked “Ruby Slippers, apart from the format, so I wanted to give Alexi Silversmith another go. Plus, this one is an age-gap story, which I usually like a lot. Already reviewed.
  • “The Wish” by Eden Winters from Torquere Books. I got that one for review after reading “The Telling”, since I really liked that free story. Already reviewed.
  • “Strange Fortune” by Josh Lanyon for TDB reviews.
  • “Perilous Partnership” by Ariel Tachna, a spin off of her Partnership in blood series. She was good enough to send it to me a couple of days ago. I loved that series and I will certainly enjoy reading about Jean and Raymond again.

What was in your mailbox last week?

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    • Nikki, you might want to check out my styeampunk challenge if you are interested in the genre.


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