Reading Shiver in November


After reading a lot of good about “Shiver” I decided to read it, even though it is not my usual genre. Carin from A little Bookish and Bella from A girl reads a book will read the book along with me. Also Lisa from When she reads has shown interest in joining us.

Is anybody else up for it. It’s going to be a very informal readalong. No required posts or anything, we can talk about it on twitter or on any blog; maybe we will set reading targets, but I’m not sure whether this is going to be necessary. I don’t even know yet how many pages the book has.

But anyway, it is all laid back and completely casual.

If you are interested in joining our little group, please leave a comment. 

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  1. I’m listening to this book on tape right now and it’s meh for me. I know it’s gotten a lot of good reviews but I’m kind of lost why.

    The story is very teenage angsty with a lot of “aching” to be together, yearning and wanting to hold each other. The story focuses heavily on the romance between the two kids and chronicles their hand holding, eye gazing and sweet nothings.

    The writing is kind of repetitive and simplistic. Scenes seem to happen over and over again..

    “Shut up”

    He shut up.

    “Start driving”

    We started driving.

    I’m 2 cds away from finishing (out of 9) and there is very little about the actual wolves. There’s background on how they came to be and so on with a little conflict as to the community and the wolves. But really the main tension is that the boyfriend may not stay human and woe is the girl for her true love and wants a cure.

    It’s not a bad book and very easy to listen/read. I think it’s just a little too teeny bopper true wuv. And this is from someone who liked the Twilight series.

    Good luck!


  2. Kassa, oh, that doesn’t sound so great. But nevertheless, I totally like the blurb and angsty can sometimes be good (if I am in the mood for it). Not sure about the teenage true wuv thing, YA is not my thing usually (as you probably know, 🙂 ), I prefer it a bit juicier, but I’ll see.


    • I definitely don’t want to turn you off reading it. There is some good tension (finally!) at the end. It’s not quite what I think of as YA since well most of the YA I read is not about yearning to be together and touching each other so I kept thinking they should move on to something oh.. like school lol.

      Nonetheless I hope you have fun with it. It’s very very easy to read so that’s good and I’m looking forward to your thoughts on it.


  3. Eek! Well, I won’t let that cloud my expectations for the book. I’m keeping an open mind. I am glad that I didn’t buy it (I found a signed copy at Book People and nearly did but opted for a signed copy of Drood by Dan Simmons instead).

    I’m looking forward to it. Either way, read-a-longs are pretty fun. 🙂


  4. Kassa, no worries, a bad review never turns me off a book if I think there is something in it I will like.

    Carin, a signed copy would have been nice, though. I ordered mine from BD, but they are terribly slow delivering. Amazon definitely is much better when it comes to shipping. Where did you get your copy from?
    I agree, this is going to be fun either way, but I think I’ll like it anyway.


    • Great, Julie. This is going to be fun. I take it you liked it a lot since you want to re-read it and then move on to the sequel. That is encouraging.


  5. Hey Rikki! Got your message over on my blog…sure I’d love to join your read-a-long! You will totally have to remind me when you start b/c I will forget. Im notorious for forgetting *sigh* I went out and bought this book based on all the Twitter peeps that were talking it up. I usually go for *HOT* romances, so this is a change of pace for me as well. Can’t remember if your on my Twitter list..if not I will add you. My name over there is @NikiBrandyberry


    • Nikki, added you on twitter, too.
      Tell me about it, I don’t go for YA romance either because I like it slightly, if not much, juicier, :). This will be new for me, too. However, I am looking forward to it.


    • Lucky you! I am still waiting for my copy.
      One of my steampunk books got lost in the mail, I hope Shiver will turn up in time.


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