The Princess Bride readalong, part 3

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I have to admit that I speed read this part. Everybody seems to really like learning more about Inigo’s and Fezzik’s background, but to be honest, I am not particularly interested in Fezzik, so I skipped a lot of his story. What those two did while they were apart and lost without Vizzini was ok, but nothing I really wanted to know. Once reunited they made a good team again with Inigo showing that he can make connections and deductions even without Vizzini to rely on.

Poor Westley! I didn’t particularly like the torturing scenes and all that scientific research of the Count. I hate everything violent (unless it is an old fashioned sword fight and such) and torture is something I don’t enjoy reading about. Besides, I can’t help feeling sorry for Westley for another reason as well. Dying for your one true love is all very honourable and noble, but Westley is dying for a woman who is a. shallow and b. stupid to boot.

Yes, Buttercup is stupid. Not only does she believe it when Humperdinck promises her that he will send Westley back to his ship, she also thinks that Humperdinck, the man who wants to marry her and wants to keep her away from Westley at all cost, will send out messengers into all four directions with her love letter to Westley to call him back so she can marry him. Really! How naive and foolish can you be?

So, now, the wedding is imminent, Westley is dead, and it is up to Inigo and Fezzik to save the day. We’ll see how that is going to work out.

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    • Judith, I’m not giving any spoilers (a-typical, I know) but we ARE talking about a love story and a fairy tale. Keep that in mind!


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