What I like…besides books: TV – Lewis

I am not much of a TV person. Actually I never watch TV. If I watch something it’s always a movie or a TV series on DVD. I never remember what is on at what time, so having it on DVD is better for me.

I like watching English detective series and one of my favourites used to be Morse. Amazingly enough its spin-off Lewis is even better. The reason: the new sidekick. Morse’s sidekick was Lewis, which was nice, but Lewis’ sidekick is Hathaway. And Hathaway is gorgeous. Ah, his voice!

And then the beautiful Oxford location! And it’s not some action filled crap, but quiet and civilized (well, most of the time). Perfect! If you want to spend a cozy evening at home with an mystery, go and watch Lewis – and Hathaway!

This is a nice video with scenes with Lewis and Hathaway to “Ruby” by the Kaiser Chiefs.


And here is a trailer for an episode of season 2 with a Germany related plot. As an aside, a question: Why do they never cast Germans for playing Germans? As soon as the supposed Germans start to speak German it makes me cringe.

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  1. OK, which one is Hathaway? The short haired blonde guy? I’m assuming he’s the one.

    I haven’t heard of this show. Oh, and Germans not being German? You know that ALL non-native English speakers have British accents in movies and television. hehehehehe


    • Yes, Hathaway is the younger one with the short blonde hair. Should be for you since you hate long hair, 😉

      Oh, do they? I never knew. In one episode two “Germans” spoke to each other alone and even then they spoke English. I was like, WTF? Ridiculous! They never even pronounced the word “Stasi” right, and what is so hard about that?


      • Yeah, they totally do. It’s gotten better in recent years I think where at least they make an attempt to sound like they have the accent of whatever country they are from, but they still always speak English. Maybe back in pre-internet days it was not as big of a deal, but with so much information available, I think they ought to just hire people who are actually from the country. Happens a lot though. Memoirs of a Geisha was like that. All the actresses were Chinese except for Ken Watanabe and maybe a few others. All the Geishas were Chinese. They all spoke English. hehehe


  2. I have to agree with you, Hathaway is lovely to look at, and the show is better. Lewis the show has a humour about it that Morse didn’t – the relationship between Morse and Lewis always seemed a bit one-sided, like Lewis was a moron who needed super brilliant Morse to tell him how to breathe and walk at the same time whereas in Lewis the relationship between Hathaway and Lewis is more equal.

    And, again, Hathaway is gorgeous 🙂


    • Ah, someone I can gush over Hathaway with. I agree, he is gorgeous. As far as I am concerned he hasn’t got enough screentime :).
      You are right, with Morse it was always the smartass intellectual Morse who was on the right track and who had to show Lewis how it’s done. Now they are more balanced. And I love the dry humour. Sometimes the stuff they come out with, it’s so funny and at the same time so subtle that you almost miss it.


  3. I see from your Good Reads profile Rikki that you’re about the same age as me (I hit 43 next month) so now I know I’m not the only one I don’t feel quite so guilty about gushing over James Hathaway who is a good deal younger than I am – after all it is only from a distance 🙂


    • I’m just going to throw Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher out there. Nothing wrong with liking a younger man unless you have to pick him up from high school. 😛


  4. Bernadette, no reason to feel bad. Nothing wrong with looking at eye candy (and listening to ear candy in his case, as far as I am concerned). So what if he is younger?

    Carin, well, yes, high school age would be a tiny bit young. He should be able to drive at least, lol.


  5. I don’t speak German, but there are a lot of youtube’s cuts of USA series and films with Spanish location or characters, and all of them are a WTF… Mexican sombreros, strange Spanish language and customs…

    And it happens in books too. I read in English, and sometimes they have phrases in Spanish… Well, in Google Spanish, and thanks 😛
    Kasumi’s last post ..Día contra el cáncer de mama


    • Kasumi, I’m glad it’s not only German that they slaughter verbally. At least I am not alone with this. You telling me the Spanish don’t wear Mexican sombreros 24/7? Shame on them, :).


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