Comparing covers: The Neverending Story

Today is about “The Neverending Story” by Michael Ende. The original German title is “Die unendliche Geschichte” which was translated into English literally. I have read this book quite a few times when I was a kid and loved it. I still do. I thought I’d have a look at a few of its covers.

The German covers are all pretty simple. In fact, the simpler the cover of this story is, the better. That’s why I prefer the first one which is a special edition. I have the second one, it is ok. The illustration is rather plain and doesn’t suggest a lot. I don’t like the third one. The snakes, yeah, ok, there is the connection to the book, but other than that I find it rather ugly.

geschichte1 geschichte2 geschichte3

The English covers, well, I like the first one in itself, but I hate the fact that it tries to tell the reader what things look like. The Neverending Story is a book that should leave everything to the imagination of the individual reader. I’m not quite fair here because there are illustrations in my German edition but for some reason they never kept me from creating pictures in my mind at the time. Maybe I was more imaginative when I was younger and never paid attention to pictures in books. The film, however, is a different matter. I absolutely hated the film. The way it depicted Fuchur for example was so disappointing, I was shocked. Unfortunately after seeing that worm like thing it is how I NOW imagine Fuchur in my head whereas before he looked totally different. I have to say it again, I hate that film. And now you know what I think about that second English cover. “Now a fabulous film”, yeah, right. Don’t think so.

geschichte4 geschichte5

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    • I assume they translated it literally into all languages. It is an easy title and probably sounds ok everywhere. Yeah, the book is fabulous, so imaginative and with so many wonderful ideas.

      Kasumi, I am sorry I never comment on your blog, even though I am sure I would love to. Unfortunately my knowledge of Spanish equals more or less zero :(.


  1. I like the third German cover with the snakes! Rikki! We are so different. LOL! That is a good thing. Variety is the spice of life. I liked the movie, but I haven’t read the book.

    @kasumi – ¿De donde eres? …my Spanish is very bad. I don’t know very much, but I should start practicing what I do know! I can use Google Translate on your blog so while it’s not a very good translation, I can usually get the gist of what everything means. I use that for Iris’ Dutch blog and I can usually tell what she’s saying even if the translation can be rather funny!


    • Sometimes I wonder why we even talk to each other, lol. By rights we should be arguing all the time. Just kidding! 🙂
      You liked the movie? Only BECAUSE you have not read the book. The movie was terrible, and, if I remember correctly, ended after half of the book.

      Oh, good idea, I’m going to try google on Kasumi’s blog. Never even thought of that, duh!


      • Oh, well I guess I should read the book then! Someday…someday. My TBR is ridiculous. I need to read some books before I buy some more. Maybe in the new year. I liked the movie and the book is usually better so I’ll definitely read it. I’ll let you know if I hate the movie after I read the book. It’s been about 20 years at least since I’ve seen the movie.


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