Weekend Cooking: The Marmite test

This week my weekend cooking post is not really about cooking or baking, but rather about a very controversial product. For some time now there has been a war raging on twitter about the qualities of Marmite and Vegemite. It seems that the world can be divided into two kinds of people (or rather three kinds if you count the sub divisions).


1. The people who hate Marmite and its derivatives. Period.

2. The people who passionately love those spreads. Those can be divided into:

  • The people who LOVE Marmite and think Vegemite is for weaklings
  • The people who HATE Marmite and think Vegemite is super yummy


Carin from A little Bookish made the ultimate test. She tried the various products and vlogged about it. You need to watch that video in order to get all the information you ever wanted on Marmite etc. On top of that you will be seeing Carin wearing a cute woolly hat.

Carin’s vlog inspired me to go to the British Empire yesterday morning and buy a small bottle of Marmite at an outrageous price. I needed to know what all the fuss was about. John, my husband, laughed his ass off and predicted that my little taste test will end up badly. I was determined to prove him wrong.

marmite_love_hate What can I say? He was right. That Marmite stuff is FOUL. OMG, why anybody would eat that is beyond me. There is a disgusting product produced by Nestle called Maggi, a salty liquid seasoning that some people use to spice up oversalt their meals, and Marmite strongly reminded me of that. Salty with a very strange aftertaste.

John says that kids love Marmite so maybe I will use my kids as guinea pigs and try it on them. I need to get rid of it somehow. We’ll see. I won’t touch that stuff again, that’s for certain.

So, even though I have not tried Vegemite, which is said to be milder, I think I can safely say I belong to the people in category no. 1. Next time I’m offered a Marmite sandwich it’s going to be “thanks, but no, thanks”.

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Marmite factory image by Urban Combing on flickr 

Love Hate Marmite wall image by ultrhi on flickr

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  1. What a pity you didn’t like it, Rikki! I think I used to eat it in The Netherlands even before I spent some years in England, but I’m not sure. Anyway, I can’t remember trying it for the first time. It’s something I like, but not with a passion. I bought a jar recently, and sometimes use some on my bread with cheese. I like the resulting taste. But it’s definitely a love/hate thing!
    Leeswammes (Judith)’s last post ..Friday Blog Hop


  2. Haha, it’s totally a love/hate thing. I recommend that you use it very, very sparingly on buttered toast. Don’t spread it like jam. Have you also tried Twiglets? It’s a healthy snack that tastes like marmite which even marmite-haters love.
    sakura’s last post ..Who’s Reading What- October 2010


  3. Judith, I had never heard of Marmite before I went to England. They don’t sell it in normal shops over here.

    Sakura, I have never heard of Twiglets but John tells me they are basically Marmite sticks, lol. Not sure I can get them over here. If I do, I will give them a try.


  4. I am really sorry, but as a Brit, Marmite is something you either love or hate, and I LOVE it.

    Vegemite is completely tasteless by comparison. We visit the states at least once a year and on this particular occasion had friends along with us, who had two young children. All the youngest wanted for his breakfast was Marmite on toast and was mortified when we were unable to find any, in the local shop. We substituted Vegemite and hoped he would not notice, but hey, kids being as they are, he noticed straight away and spat the stuff out. We searched high and low until we finally found somewhere that sold the real thing and he was a happy bunny from then on.

    Marmite is great on toast, in sandwiches, in cooking, in fact just about anywhere, for me. But don’t worry, you are not alone, my husband can’t stand the stuff either.

    Twiglets are a great Marmite snack as well, and you can now buy Marmite crisps as well!



  5. Beth, this is what my husband says. Most people who love it have known it since they were kids.

    Yvonne, seems like Vegemite really is nothing compare to Marmite then.
    I have already had a look around for online shops that sell British food over here and found not only twiglets but also the Marmite crisps. I’ll give them a try.

    JoAnn, can’t wait to hear what you think about them.


  6. OK…as a fellow “I have never eaten Marmite or Vegemite before” person, I have to say, I am not sure I would try the Twiglits or the Marmite crisps until you get a taste for it. Maybe they are good though.

    I tried a vegemite sandwich with melted cheese on one half and a little vegemite on the other half and it was good! I liked it. It brought the flavor of the cheese out a little. I’m going to try marmite (probably the NZ brand) and cheese on toasted bread today. I am emphasizing spreading on a little. I think I used a pea-sized amount. Maybe two pea-sizes. Not much. I didn’t think it was inedible with just butter, but I have to say, not being a super salty eater (I didn’t use table salt until I got married and even now I use it sparingly), I think I’m going to stick to cheese + marmite/vegemite sandwiches. It was much better. I would give that a try before you do the Twiglets or Marmite crisps.

    Oh, and it was TOTALLY expensive! My tiny jar of UK marmite was $5.99 USD. The vegemite was $4.99 USD and the NZ Marmite was $6.99 USD I think (+Shipping). It was a really fun vlog though so I don’t care. My husband ate the NZ Marmite and the Vegemite yesterday and he didn’t think it was bad. He is Team Marmite! Our house is divided! I shall kick him out now! hehehehehe

    Nice job trying it. Try it in a melted cheese sandwich with just a light, light coat of marmite on one half. I promise it will be more tasty. Let us all know what the kids think too!


    • I paid 4.29€ for mine, Carin, which is pretty much the same that you paid. The melted cheese on one half and the marmite on the other doesn’t sound so bad. I might give this one a try. I’ll keep you posted on this important matter, :).


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