Aquamarine by Sara Bell


Derek is an award winning football player who also happens to be out as a gay man. His college and his coach are behind him, as is his best friend and fellow player, Ford. The only person who doesn’t seem to support him is his boyfriend, and the other teams aren’t fond of him.

When his promising career is cut short, Derek has to re-evaluate his whole life. Everyone gathers around to support him, but some things he has to figure out for himself, like his relationship with his boyfriend, and his friendship with Ford. Will Derek make the right choices and find a way to get everything he wants?

Originally published as the Birthstone Aquamarine.

My thoughts: 

When I read the blurb of this re-release I had to get it right away. It sounded just too nice to give it a pass.

This story was just so sweet. It is short and there is no conflict to speak of, it still is captivating. You just have to love Derek and Ford and absolutely hate Paul, Derek’s boyfriend. Ugh, what a superficial, selfish, career driven bastard. By rights Derek should have sent him packing months ago. But then, I could see why he held on to this lacklustre relationship when he thought he can’t have what he really wanted.

First I was wondering whether this would turn out as a gay for you story, but it didn’t. The reason for Ford’s rejection of Derek that was given was valid; it was not some far fetched explanation that would have made the whole plot unrealistic.

I am not sure whether the ending and the fact that Derek was an officially gay football player to begin with isn’t a bit too good to be true. I don’t know anything about American Football, but if it is anything like soccer over here there is probably a “Don’t ask, don’t tell” policy in place that makes it extremely hard to come out. So this aspect of the story might be a bit too optimistic, but it was definitely enjoyable to read for once about a successful athlete who doesn’t need to hide his proclivities.

I wasn’t familiar with Sara Bell before, but after reading Aquamarine I definitely will check out her backlist. If you like a quick read with two lovely young guys who finally realize what they really want, a supportive family and a super sweet ending and epilogue, get it!

Title Aquamarine
Author Sara Bell
Publisher Torquere Books
ISBN 978-1-60370-308-6
Buy link Buy Aquamarine

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