Reading corner at Thalia


In my post about Thalia, one of the big bookstores in the city, I never got around to showing you a nice little reading corner. I am not sure it was even there at the time, at least I never noticed it. Only today my son discovered this cozy little place. It is a bit hidden, so you can probably lie there and read for hours without being detected. German bookstores are really nice to their customers.

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  1. Hey super! Solch eine schöne Thalia Filiale haben wir nicht… da wird man ja fast neidisch! Aber bequeme Sessel behören wirklich in jede gute Buchhandlung:)


    • Das stimmt. Hier bei uns haben alle grösseren Bücherläden mindestens ein parr Sessel rumstehen. Thalia ist allerdings wirklich unschlagbar, was Komfort betrifft.


  2. That’s so nice! Thanks for the picture. We don’t even have book stores with seats, as far as I’m aware. Maybe in the big cities like Amsterdam, but even in Utrecht, I don’t think we have that. Gee, people may actually sit down and spend a lot of time in the shop, you know!
    Leeswammes (Judith)’s last post ..It’s Monday! What Are You Reading


    • I know, wouldn’t that be awful? Reading in the shop without buying the book! Unthinkable. Well, we do it all the time.
      My favourite combo is book shop and coffee shop.


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