Thursday 13: Champagne bottle nomenclature


I am having a look at the nomenclature of Champagne bottles today.

We start with the smallest bottle available and will work our way up…

Name content in litres
Piccolo 0.1875
Demiboite 0.375
Standard 0.75
Magnum 1.5
Jeroboam 3
Rehoboam 4.5
Methuselah 6
Salmanazar 9
Balthazar 12
Nebuchadnezzar 15
Melchior 18
Solomon 20
Sovereign 25

I know, there are two more, but then we would have more than 13, wouldn’t we. And, honestly, who keeps bottles with 27 and 30 litres of Champagne (Primat and Melchizedek) in the house anyway?

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Image by geishaboy500 @ flickr

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