Shiver readalong update 1

Nach dem Sommer cover

Somehow twitter just doesn’t give me enough room to tell my readalong buddies what I think about Shiver so far.

It is an easy and fast read, that’s for certain.

Carin, who is about as far as I am, said it had similarities to Twilight, but I can’t really agree. Yes, ok, the neglected girl theme is a bit similar, but Grace is a totally different type than Bella in my eyes.

Two things bother me. It is obvious I bought the US version, because there is always the degrees Fahrenheit at the top of a chapter. It is meant to build up some tension as to when it is going to be too cold for Sam to stay human. Nice try, as far as I am concerned. The Fahrenheit measure means zilch to me. I have no idea whether 49 degrees is cold, warm, almost winter, still summer. I have no clue. So the degree info is totally wasted on my. And the tension just won’t come.

Second I haven’t quite figured out when the wolves change anyway. It depends on the age and the season. But the seasonal hint seems to be a bit off. The explanations as to when Sam changed back and forth in the past and when he will change again in the future are somewhat wonky.

All that being said, so far I am liking it. What does everybody else think?

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  1. I say, check Fahrenheit on Google to solve your first problem! 🙂

    I got a bit confused about the changing too, when I read it, but in the end I got it that older werewolves will change when the weather gets cold, and then stay changed until the spring. So it’s very hard for them to stay human when it gets to freezing or below.

    I liked the book but didn’t think it was too special.

    Enjoy the rest of the readalong!
    Leeswammes (Judith)’s last post ..Literary Blog Hop- Nov 11-14


    • Yeah, well, check google is all nice and good, but when I read a book I don’t want to have to check a centigrade-Fahrenheit converter in order to get the tension. That kills the mood….:)


  2. I’m lukewarm on the book so far. I’m actually a little turned off that her parents are so disengaged from her life that they don’t even know that a fourth person is in the house. I know they are older teens, but still…yeah, I don’t think I’d want my teenage daughter shacking up with a dude at 17.

    Other than that, I don’t really mind the book, but I wonder if because I’m not a super romance reader that I’m not connecting with the book. I’m going to try to read a bunch on it today and get through it. I admit it. The romance in Twilight sucked me in. I don’t really care who knows it and if they think I’m dumb then they can suck it! LOL!

    I do think the neglected teen angle is a little too reminiscent of Twilight, but the similarities end there. The story is different. I would just like for teens to not be neglected in books I guess. It happens in real life all the time though so I shouldn’t be shocked…maybe just disappointed.

    I’m with Judith. I’d use a conversion thing for F to C. I use one all time. I actually have a temperature widget on my desktop that I can switch back and forth to so I feel like I could probably gauge what temperatures in C are now. The better solution would be for us to give up the English system and do what the rest of the world does. hehe I admit it though. I do like Fahrenheit better than Celsius because the temperature changes are less dramatic it seems like. I dunno…it’s just conditioning and what I grew up with. In Europe, I used to just feel the window before we went out because I had no idea what 14 or 16 degrees was! LOL!


    • Yes, I wondered about that, too. Are her parents totally oblivious to what’s going on in their own house? Very strange. That must be a BIG house.

      Actually I don’t think the neglected teen angle is so bad. Most teens would probably be happy if their parents were A BIT more like Grace’s and left them to their own devices. No to that extent, of course, they are way over the top. Emotional neglect is another thing, but Grace seems to cope ok.

      Hey, I do know conversion tables and sites, lol. Just when reading a paperback I’m not having the internet at my fingertips. And I don’t want to get out of my reading rhythm either just to convert some temperature. No, I don’t like that F in my copy at all.


  3. Oh and right after I commented, I read some German. Need help with translation (I know I could Google Translate it, but the read-a-long is for discussion so I’m posting it here):

    ‘Was soll ich mit meinem Munde? Mit meiner Nacht? Mit meinem Tag? Ich habe keine Geliebte, kein Haus, keine Stelle auf der ich lebe.’

    I don’t know what “soll” or “Munde” means so the first sentence is mostly lost on me. I read it as, “What ____ I with my ____?” (Of course, the translation would change if I knew what those two words meant.

    With the other phrases is it:

    With my night? With my Day? I don’t have Geliebte (also don’t know that word), nor/not home or house (not sure which), nor/not ___________ (lost there too).

    Nor just sounds better since it’s a poem but I think “keine” means “not” or “without”…I can’t remember! It’s been so long.

    Yeah, my German knowledge is blah. It’s rather sad, but I’m putting it out there just to try (and making a total fool out of myself which I have NO problem doing…well ok…maybe just a little problem doing). 😛


    • I’ll comment more later, but just to help you out real quick….:)

      Was soll ich mit meinem Munde? Mit meiner Nacht? Mit meinem Tag? Ich habe keine Geliebte, kein Haus, keine Stelle auf der ich lebe.’

      First of all, nobody would speak like that in normal speech. Munde is what they use in poems if they need an additional letter at the end. Regular is Mund. And “Stelle auf der ich lebe”, this sounds totally odd. Nobody says he “lebt auf einer Stelle”. Whos says that? The German were?

      Anyway, the meaning:
      Depending on context…
      What should I do with my mouth / what is my mouth good for? My night? My day? I have no lover, no house, no place where I live.


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