Comparing covers: A short history of tractors in Ukrainian

I read this book by Marina Lewycka a few years ago and thought it was so so. I liked the title and found the synopsis quite interesting, but somehow it didn’t live up to my expectations. What drew me to the book in the first place was the retro style of the cover (which was continued with “Two Caravans” and “We are all made of glue”).

shorthistory2 shorthistory3 shorthistory4

shorthistory1 shorthistorydt shorthistorydt_bert

It seems the Germans liked the cover since they kept it, apart from that second one which is a book club edition. The same with the title which is a literal translation of the original one.

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  1. I like the first cover the best, maybe because I’m most used to seeing it. I thought I owned this book but can’t remember seeing it during my book cases move.

    The third one sort-of appeals because it is so simple, but the fourth and sixth I don’t like much. They’re too old-fashioned.

    Bye the way, I really liked the book. Except I was SO annoyed by the horrible girlfriend of the old man. Oh, what a terrible character she was! But that make the book good fun, too.
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  2. Yeah, I found the girlfriend absolutely awful. I didn’t think this was a fun story at all, I found it disturbing… Strange, because objectively it was not SUCH a terrifying plot.


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