Comparing covers: A thousand splendid suns

I read this book quite some time ago for a reading group that never was that successful, but I am grateful that I joined simply because I probably wouldn’t have read A Thousand Splendid Suns by Khaled Hosseini otherwise.

suns1 suns2suns3

Even though the yellow covers might reflect the title in  a better way I prefer the other English version. I love the sky and the colors on that one.

I suppose you could translate “splendid” as “strahlend” even though that word would not have come to my mind immediately. To me the German title definitely lacks something, a two-syllable adjective would have been better, because as it is now it just won’t flow. But I am nitpicking here.

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  1. My favourite would also be the middle cover. The yellow is a bit too much for my taste.
    The German translation is just ok however many German cover translations (and of course covers) are a good deal worse. The German title and cover for “Soulless” by Gail Carriger for example are so horrible.


    • Sabrina, Ich wusste gar nicht, dass es eine dt. Uebersetzung von Soulless gibt. Bei amazon habe ich nichts dergleichen gefunden. Wo finde ich sie denn?


    • Danke fuer den Link. Da muss ich dir zustimmen. Die Frau gefaellt mir ueberhaupt nicht, sieht wie ein Dummchen aus. Stimmt, das Kleid passt nicht, aber der restliche Stil der Cover gefaellt mir schon. Aber bitte mit anderer Dame!
      Die Titel, oh Gott! Wenn ich schon das Wort Dunkelheit lese, wird mir ganz anders. Warum hat eigentlich jeder dt. Titel dieses Wort eingebaut? Kann man da ueberhaupt noch die Serien auseinanderhalten?
      Da jetzt Dunkelheit, Nacht und Finsternis aufgebraucht sind, sage ich schon mal den Titel fuer Band 4 voraus: “Lodernde Duesternis”. Denk an meine Worte!


  2. Can I be noncommittal and say that I like them all? I own the middle one, but I quite like the yellow one on the left. The pretty red trim at the top makes it a little nicer than the German cover. I like them all though. 🙂


    • That is true, Carin, the red border makes it look nicer.
      I usually like the ones I own best, otherwise I would have to admit I didn’t buy the prettiest one out there and my pride won’t let that happen, :).


    • E.H. you really should give it a go, it’s really good.

      Thanks for your suggestions. I’m going to have a look for those authors and will talk about some of their books the next few times.


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