The Great Grocery Bag Exchange – the loot

Carin from A little Bookish organized the Great Grocery Bag Exchange. With all those book swaps in the last 6  months or so everybody got a little obsessed with grocery bags and so we all swapped some more bags right in time for Christmas.

My swap partner was Pam in the US. Pam does not have a blog, but she is on twitter, @pam4290.

Yesterday I received her goodies, which made my day.


Pam sent me two re-usable grocery bags from Giant. One is blue and looks rather christmas-y and the other one is brown and pink, which suits my girly love of pink just fine. It is in honour of breast cancer month which was in October. Then Pam sent me a bookmark with a painting by Marjolein Bastin saying “Warm thoughts are flowers of the heart” which will come in handy since I recently started using bookmarks again.

Also, Pam sent me three postcards from Pennsylvania, one with Chocolate Avenue, the main street of Hershey, PA, one with an Amish man plowing the fields and one with a painting of a Pennsylvania artist.

I love all my goodies and they will all be used thoroughly. Thanks, Pam, for swapping with me and thanks to Carin for organizing the exchange.

Would you like to see other participants’ loot? Go here.

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    • Yes, Giant is a chain of foodstores in a few US staes. I know it from vacationing in VA.

      I only found out that she is Dutch when I checked on Wikipedia, but somehow the first name made me think she could be.


  1. I haven’t heard of Giant supermarkets. There are gas stations called Giant that I know of though (the logo looks similar, but I think it’s different). I like the Christmas-y bag a lot! I’m so glad that you and Pam participated in the exchange. It was fun to do!


  2. That are some cool bags! And it’s fun to see a bookmark by Marjolein Bastin, I practically grew up with her drawings since my grandmother had the Libelle magazine that made her famous.

    My grandma had breast cancer too so Think Pink, I say!


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