Weekly Geeks 2010-39: Plans for 2011

This week’s Weekly Geeks:

Do you plan on participating in any reading challenges in 2011? Are you planning on hosting any reading challenges? Perhaps you’d like to share an idea for a reading challenge–to see if there is any interest!  Share with us which challenges look tempting to you! (You don’t have to "officially" join any of the challenges for this weekly geek. Just let us know which ones you’d be most interested in.) You might want to spend some time browsing A Novel Challenge. Are there any challenges you are looking forward to that haven’t been announced yet? Regardless of your challenge plans, are you starting to plan ahead for next year? Do you make lists or goals? Are you a person who enjoys reading more if it is structured? Or are you all about being free to read what you want, when you want?

I have already talked abut my reading challenge plans for 2011, but it won’t do any harm having them all together in one post.

For 2011 I am planning to participate in the following three challenges:

That’s it. I will try to stick to my list for the One, Two, Theme Challenge, will read one book for the Gothic Reading challenge and as as many Steampunk books as I like. I don’t tend to stick to lists, so the fewer the better for me.  I am not very structured when it comes to reading, it’s supposed to be fun, not a schedule I have to follow.

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  1. That’s nice and overseeable! I was planning to do none, or maybe just one challenge, but I think I’m likely to be doing 6 or 7 when all is said and done. But there should be enough overlap so I won’t have to read just for the challenges.

    My own is the Book Bloggers Abroad 2011 Challenge, which asks to read books from different countries, that were recommended by guest posters in this series.
    Leeswammes (Judith)’s last post ..Virtual Advent Tour &amp Giveaway- The Dutch Celebration of Sinterklaas


  2. I always wanted to read all books that were mentioned in Gilmore Girls…which are A LOT^^

    But for 2011 I will be busy with the Steampunk Challenge….will see how many books I can read in one year =)

    BlackEyedDog’s last post ..Weight Gain HORROR!!!!


    • Thanks for joining my challenge, BlackEyedDog. Since there are no requirements in terms of number of books you can just read as many as you please. So, no pressure.


  3. I love challenges but am terrible at listing books before i read them! The few challenges i’ve joined that i had to do that i failed miserably. Hooray for structurelessness!
    Melanie’s last post ..Weekly Geeks 12-4


    • I agree, I’m also terible at sticking to reading lists. But I like the concept of the One, Two, Theme challenge, so I hoipe I will persevere for once.


  4. I’m doing the Steampunk as well (already started) and of course the One, Two, Theme.

    I’m looking for something along the lines of “Seconds In The Series” is there anything out there like this? I know there’s the Seconds Challenge, but I need a specific incentive to finish the series I’ve started and decided to finish.
    Alex’s last post ..Istanbul- A Reading List


    • I am not sure I have come across a second in series challenge yet, but I’m pretty sure there must be one out there. Certainly you are not the only one who read one book and then took forever to continue (I, for example, am one of those people as well).


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