Life or something scary like that by TC Blue


When Jack Cutler’s roommate Paul ditches him to move in with his pregnant girlfriend, Melissa, he recommends someone else to take his place: Melissa’s brother, Cliff. Cliff is young and hot, but Jack is sure that Cliff is straight. And even once Jack learns the truth, he knows he’s not right for Cliff. Cliff wants the real thing, commitment, and Jack’s not heading down that path again. When jealousy flares once Cliff starts dating someone, Jack must re-evaluate his position on long-term relationships and whether he wants to risk one with Cliff.
When Cliff gets sick, the shaky foundation of Jack and Cliff’s relationship is tested. Even so, sometimes true love really does conquer all, for the moment, anyway.

My thoughts: 

I know that I can usually count on TC Blue. She is one of my favourite writers and once more she did not disappoint me.

I liked the plot very much and it worked well for me. I had a few little misgivings, but I will come to them in a minute. If it had been another author I wouldn’t have liked the constant meddling of people to get Jack and Cliff together, but somehow I didn’t mind it here at all. Especially Ben was a real sweetheart. I don’t think I have read a story so far where the two characters took so long to finally get together (with the exception of “Take my picture” maybe, but that one is a totally different case).

God, the way those two were attracted to each other and never got it. On the one hand I wanted to smack them, on the other I hoped it would take a while still. TC pulled that off really nicely.

She even came up with a plausible (if rather hoorifying) explanation for Jacks reluctance to start another serious relationship. It just worked all out.

What I was not too enthusiastic about is the fact that Melissa and Paul left Jack in the dark as to Cliff’s orientation. THAT made no sense at all. It was one of the reasons why Jack did not approach Cliff, but since Melissa counted on their getting together, why not tell Jack right away. It took him ages to figure it out, it was painful to read. I’m not kidding.

Also Cliff and Jack very often misunderstood each other simply because they never said exactly what they meant. A pet peeve of mine. However, they always realized their own stupidity right in the next paragraph, that reconciled me a bit. I will never understand the need for misunderstandings in romance. Life is already hard enough without them.

Apart from those tiny things that I could live with, I very much enjoyed this. Especially if you like TC Blue’s writing style this is a must read. The sequel “Life changes everything” is already waiting for me to be read. It is Ben’s story and I am sure it will be just as good.


Title Life or something scary like that
Author TC Blue
Publisher Torquere Books
ISBN 978-1-60370-323-9
Buy link Buy Life or something scary like that

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