Life changes everything by TC Blue


Ben might be young and only recently out, but he knows what he wants, and the hot blond on the dance floor definitely fits the bill. The last thing he expects is to discover that he’s not only met Aaron before, but that he likes the guy as well. That’s something he’s never encountered before.
Aaron’s no player, but when the universe throws a tall, built slab of gorgeous beefcake in his path, Aaron knows better than to question his luck. Ben unexpectedly turns out to be smart, funny, and a really good fit, which is definitely a bonus. Ben might be young, but he’s mature enough to keep Aaron interested, and happy.
They both have pasts and regrets, but everyone does. They’re determined to work through their issues, though, and just when they’ve started to move on together, life happens, throwing complications in their path. Can their fledgling relationship survive when everything changes?

My thoughts: 

I liked the prequel “Life or something scary like that”, so I was quite looking forward to reading this one. It is not a real sequel, since the main character was a side character in the previous book, but Cliff and Jack still are quite prominent here.

Unfortunately I was not too thrilled with this one. The reason is that a main plot element is a problem with Ben’s little sister and the struggle to get her out of the trouble she got herself into. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that, of course, but, like I already must have said ten times on this blog, I just dislike issues with “children” that the main characters have to solve for them. Whether it is a sixteen year old sister or a 10 year old son makes no difference to me. I just don’t like children or teenagers in stories, period. So the second half of the story was wasted on me.

Also, the revelation that Jack came out with towards the end of the book was so out of place – time wise and topic wise – that I started to thoroughly dislike him. It is a bit difficult to comment on it without giving away what Jack said, but he really should have kept his mouth shut. The fact that Cliff, his partner, came up with an explanation for it and that he was ok with it was even more surprising. Had I been Cliff I wouldn’t have been too pleased.

I liked the main characters, the way they got together and how they overcame all the problems arising. However, how the issue with Teeny, Ben’s little sister, came to a satisfactory ending, was a bit rushed. Somehow their mother, who was made out to be very strict, conservative, homophobe and what not, somehow turned out to be not so bad after all. I would have expected more drama towards the end.

The character I definitely liked best was Aaron’s mother. She surprised me with her actions and her attitude. The way she took Teeny under her wing was very nice and comforting. With a woman like that giving her advice I am sure Teeny will be fine.

Due to the turn the plot took in the middle of the book, this story was just not for me. If you don’t mind situations like the one I mentioned, you will probably like it, though.

Title Life changes everything
Author TC Blue
Publisher Torquere Books
ISBN 978-1-61040-100-5
Buy link Buy Life changes everything

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