My reading list for January


I really don’t know why I even keep the reading list posts. I suck at sticking to lists. Let’s see, my December list consisted of only three books that I planned to read:

  • The summer of skinny dipping by Amana Howell
  • Steampunk, an anthology
  • The Vesuvius club

And I read / finished none of them… How good is that? “The summer of skinny dipping” is nice YA read. I’m almost finished, but I suspect it will end badly and I just don’t want to continue reading now. Call me a coward.

The other two, well, what can I say?

Now, January: I will move two of the above to January, hoping I will do better… So, apart from various review books I will read I am planning to read

  • Steampunk, an anthology
  • Horns by Joe Hill
  • and to finish The summer of skinny dipping. Geez, how hard can it be?

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  1. Oops, that didn’t go well in December. Blame it on Christmas and preparations for Xmas and New Year!

    I hope you like Horns. I did, although it was not quite what I am normally reading. A nice out of the comfort zone book.

    I have no plans for January, except everything I read HAS to come from my own TBR shelf! Hopefully I can reduce the amount by half before the middle of Feb. It’s at 27/28 now.

    Happy reading!


    • Well, Judith, preparations for X-mas etc. is not really a good excuse for me as I am rather a last minute sort of girl, but it will have to do, :).

      To read strictly from your TBR pile is a good resolution. Hopefully you will be able to stick to it.


      • Oh well, it doesn’t matter really. There’s no reading boss who will tick you off for not reading according to your plan!

        I’m planning to read from the TBR just in January and then allow other books too. Don’t even know whether I will be able to do it completely, because of book groups etc. But I will try. The shelf looks a little emptier already (I started before Christmas with this resolution).
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