Which Austen heroine are you?

I finally took the plunge and found out what Austen character I am.


I am Catherine Morland!

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northanger_abbey_cover I don’t know about that. I love Northanger Abbey and I quite liked Catherine Moreland, but am I like her? “Sweet, adorable, unworldly”? Many people would disagree. On the other hand from what I have seen there are plenty of Elizabeth Bennetts out there and not many Catherines, so at least I’m not one of many.

Then again, my first thought was that I would have preferred to end up with Mr. Darcy than with Henry Tilney. Probably because I didn’t particularly like the looks of Peter Firth (superficial as I am). However, that thought caused me to have a look around for Henry Tilney as he was quite inconspicuous and I remembered next to nothing about him. After searching for a bit I stumbled across this post at Jane Austen’s World. I will have to reconsider, maybe Mr. Tilney is not so bad after all…


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  1. Confession: I put Catherine and Henry in my category of couples who will not live happily ever after. I think Catherine is an adorable person, very Sweet indeed, but will bore Tilney to death in 6 months…
    Alex’s last post ..Rant by Chuck Palahniuk


    • You might be right here. Apart from Elizabeth Bennett (and possibly Emma who will drive Knightley insane every day anew) this is probably the case with all the novels, :).


    • Sarah, how strange, since you say you liked Northanger Abbey. Maybe you should try again at another time. I always have to be in the mood for (re-)reading Jane Austen.


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