German(y) for the bookish traveller 3

First of all a few more words that you might find in a bookshop…

German English
Antiquariat antiquarian bookseller, seller of rare books
modernes Antiquariat Area in a regular bookshop where they sell cheap books, usually because of suspended agency pricing
Remittenden Remaindered books, being sold cheap at the bookshop
Sonderpreis Special price
Klappentext blurb
Buchumschlag dust jacket
Bucheinband book cover
Buchrücken spine
Schnitt edge
Eselsohr dog ear
Mängelexemplar faulty or flawed book
Erstausgabe First edition
Auflage print run
Exlibris book plate
Bindung binding
Impressum imprint

If you want to know a specific term not covered yet, just ask!

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