Steampunk is coming to Germany

Today I went to Thalia to buy a greeting card and was surprised to find a new decoration theme in there. Far from the usual cutesy Princess Lillifee style they came up with a pretty stunning display of Steampunk. Click on the images to see a larger version.

steampunk_deco2 steampunk_deco


steampunk_cabinet_sign In our city we have the first (and probably only) Steampunksteampunk_cabinet_window shop in Germany called “The Contemporary Steampunk Cabinet”. 

I went by there a few times already but every time it was closed. Their opening hours seem to be a bit irregular. But obviously the owners are not dead yet, as they have supplied Thalia with some items to decorate. And a splendid job they did!

Maybe now people won’t look at me with big questioning eyes anymore when they hear that there is something called Steampunk out there.

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    • No, I didn’t. I wasn’t going to buy any books at the time and I still have a few Steampunk books waiting to be read already.


  1. Wow, the decoration in your Thalia looks great. And the Steampunk shop looks awesome. Hope you will soon get a chance to go inside.
    In my local Hugendubel store they have no decoration at all and so far no English Steampunk books 🙁


    • Our Hugendubel is rather boring as well, except for some decoration in the kids’ books dept. As far as decoration goes Thalia can’t be beaten.


  2. I have been looking to see if there was something in Germany! I went to an event and was the only Steampunk dressed person, until later I saw 1 other out of 500 people.


    • Christy, not sure how big the Steampunk community in Germany is, but so far this one Steampunk shop is the only I know of. That is an indication…


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