Bloggiesta has started once more

blogiestaIt’s Friday and Bloggiesta has started. It is already evening here and due to work I haven’t done anything yet. But I already had a look at Maw Books Blog and decided what I want to do. I must go and have a look at twitter, too. I just hope I am not going to get lost there and as a result won’t get anything accomplished.

My plans include not only this blog, but also my craft blog Rikki’s Teleidoscope which is very badly neglected. It needs tons of work, so I might put the focus on that other blog this year.

For The Bookkeeper

  • I am mainly planning to write posts for a rainy day and prepare some review posts of books that I already have but not read yet.

Then I want to

  • add some sort of footer under each post encouraging comments

and do three mini challenges that are not related to a specific blog:

For the Teleidoscope, I’ll do a separate post over there, otherwise I’ll just get too confused.


For all the news about Bloggiesta you can either

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  1. You’re always so practical, and you always finish your goals! Maybe I should take a tip from you? Or maybe you should run a mini-challenge: How to make accessible goals. 🙂


    • Wallace, you are probably referring to the read-a-thon where I had one or two books books to finish, :). Yes, one thing I can say about me is that I never put my goals too high. Whether that is a good thing or a bad thing I don’t know.
      But at least it gives me the satisfaction of having achieved them most of the time. I just saw that you got quite a lot done already with your goals. Well done indeed!


  2. You seem to have it planned out quite realistically (I think I may have put too much on my to-do lists…), it really does help scheduling posts and finally sit down and review those books you’ve read, hm? Good luck with the rest of Bloggiesta! 🙂


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