10 things a blogger shouldn’t do

I thought it would be interesting to join the Word Lily’s 10 Things a Blogger shouldn’t do challenge.

If I assign 0.5 points to every list item I think I would score around 4. That doesn’t mean that my blog is perfect and I have millions of readers. No. For example, I am doing pretty good at the “You must not expect success without promoting” item, but this only means that I do not expect success. I suck at promoting and am actually not active enough in that area, but at least I’m not complaining about the lack of success, :).

The one thing that definitely needs improving is the networking angle. I comment on almost every comment on MY blog but do not comment on many others. My Google reader is neglected, the number of blogs I really read regularly is very small and I do not comment nearly as much as others. I am not overly active on twitter and I only use Facebook sporadically for my real life. There, I know what the problem is, but lack of time and lack in inclination (sometimes) throws a spanner in my works.

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  1. I admit I don’t do the SEO stuff. I probably should, but I feel like my blog is for fun and I’ve made some good friends (including you) so in all, I think I’m pretty well off! 🙂

    I like your blog even though I have also been neglecting my Google Reader of late. It’s not intentional. It’s just life that kicked me in the booty. Hehe!


    • I know, Carin. And I agree. My blog is just for fun, I don’t want to make money and I design it the way I like it, not necessarily in the way that is most user friendly. Even though I do think it is fairly easy to navigate.

      And, yes, meeting nice people, which I did, too, is a very good pay off. 🙂


  2. I’m with you on the whole promotion thing. I get out occasionally to read other blogs, but I certainly don’t want to make a career out of it. I put my blog up (mostly) for fun. To share my stories and writing tips and to attract like-minded individuals. When it gets to be work, that’s when it’s time to stop.


    • I read your post on your blog about this and I agree. Those tips definitely came from a blog for people who want to monetize their blogs, still some of the tips are usueful for everybody. Blogging for me is fun and just do what I feel like. I do read other blogs, but only comment when I have something to add to the discussion or at least have a clue what the post is about.


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