Bloggiesta update 2

Working on two blogs at the same time is a bit much, I found. Next time I will have to concentrate on one… What did I get done for The Bookkeeper?

  • I wrote down some ideas for future posts.
  • I finally found out why my WYSIWYG editor hasn’t worked for ages. It didn’t matter that much, because I use Live Writer, but when I wanted to edit a post it so annoyed me to use html that I went and finally looked for the solution to the problem.

That’s it really. I got more things done at my Teleidoscope, though. How is your Bloggiesta going so far?

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    • I use Live Writer all the time. One boig advantage is that you can add different blogs to it and write all your posts in LW and then publish to the various blogs.
      Formatting is easier than with WP and you can create all sorts of templates to add to your posts which is a big time saver.
      I will actually write a post about LW soon to talk more about it.


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