What I like…besides books: TV – Rome

As I said before, I’m not much of a TV watcher, but I love watching TV series on DVD. I am very interested in ancient Rome, so when my husband came along with the HBO series “Rome” I was excited. The series is by no means historically correct, but it is great entertainment nevertheless. I wish they would continue it. Just because the republic is dead it doesn’t mean the story is over, does it?

The following is a scene from season 2, a wonderful fight between Marcus Antonius and Octavian, taking place shortly after Caesar’s death.


This is the death of Cicero who gets killed by Pullo, one of the two main fictional characters. I chose this one specifically because Cicero is played by David Bamber you will all know from his wonderful performance as Mr. Collins.


Yeah, a lot of people end up dead, but look at the way they die! Here it is Servilia, Brutus’ mother. Marcus Antonius is right, what an exit!

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