precious_boy by K. Z. Snow


It was just an amateur porn video, like thousands of others on the Internet. Like hundreds Jonathan Wright had seen and hundreds more he’d ignored. He hadn’t intended to watch it, but he gives in to his curiosity.  When he sees the lithe, blond young man who’s doing naughty things with a bearish, older man, he’s seduced… and feels like a pervert afterward. The youth in the video seems a little too young, despite the fact he runs his own escort service. Worse yet, Jon gets the nagging feeling he’s seen "Justin Time," aka precious_boy, before.

When Jon takes a chance and meets Justin in a Chicago hotel room, Jon’s past, present, and possibly his future begin to converge in alarming and confusing ways. There’s no escaping the resulting dilemma: Jon must decide just how involved he wants to get with a sweet kid whose life has turned sour… a decision made more complex by a surprising connection to a lover from Jon’s past.

My thoughts: 

This was my first story by K.Z. Snow, so I had no idea what to expect. I had read the excerpt and it drew me right in. Jonathan’s voice was very appealing. He had a sort of dry humour and matter of fact way that spoke to me. The first scene with Shane? Blaine? already told a lot about his character.

Ethan or “Justin Time” is quite mature and is the one who, even though his senior by eleven years, has to open Jon’s eyes when it comes to his confusion about the state of his relationship with his former lover. I found that insight quite amazing. He is unhappy about his entanglement with his “boyfriend” and has the common sense to want to get out of it when he sees a chance. He saw the benefits of this association, but also the negative sides. I liked that.

One point I didn’t appreciate was Jon’s giving in to his former lover’s proposition. That was so obviously without real feelings that I couldn’t believe he got involved again even though he was already falling for Ethan. I considered that quick release even though Jon was craving someone else beneath him.

There was another side character whom I liked very much, Jon’s mother. Not the usual type, for sure, but refreshing and ready to help her son out in a tricky situation. You don’t find them too often.

This was a very enjoyable read and definitely not my last by K. Z. Snow.

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Obsidian Bookshelf’s review of precious_boy

Title precious_boy
Author K. Z. Snow
Publisher Dreamspinner Press
ISBN 978-1-61581-723-8
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  1. Thank you, Rikki!

    By the way, if you’re interested in steampunk, my previous Dreamspinner title, Mongrel, is just that (and it was also reviewed by Val at Obsidian Bookshelf).
    K. Z. Snow’s last post ..Bwahahahahaha!


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