Weekly Geeks 2011-6: Love is in the Air

This week’s Weekly Geeks:

On Monday it’s Valentines Day here in the US, which means love is in the air! Many of us have been talking about love all month, but I thought it would make a perfect Weekly Geek-ish type assignment to suggest a post that included anything about love that moves you.
Some ideas:
– favorite love stories.
– favorite romantic movie.
– favorite love songs.
– favorite romantic get away.
– a personal loves story you’d like to share.
– favorite couple in books, movies, TV or real life.
– things you like or don’t like about romance.
– anything love related you can think of!

This is the first Weekly Geeks post in a long time. The topic fits a poem I recently read. I wasn’t familiar with A. E. Housman until some time ago and I quite like this one.. not necessarily romantic, admittedly, but at least it is realistic. Sorry to all the Valentine’s Day lovers.

Oh, when I was in love with you,

Then I was clean and brave,

And miles around the wonder grew

How well did I behave.


And now the fancy passes by,

And nothing will remain,

And miles around they’ll say that I

Am quite myself again.

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