Comparing covers: The Magic Mountain

The reason I have been a bit quiet here lately is that I started reading The Magic Mountain by Thomas Mann. For once I am reading the book in the original language, but everything else wouldn’t have made much sense, would it?

Time for another cover comparison…

zauberberg1 zauberberg2 zauberberg3

The left photograph looks very much like I imagine the sanatorium to look like. Obviously they just took that image and turned it into an illustration in the third cover. The snow in the second one is quite nice to look at, and makes sense, seeing that it even snows in August up there where the sanatorium is located.


mountain1 mountain2 mountain3

I like the photograph on the left with the view through the window. Even though it gives the story a more positive spin than it should have. Actually there should be a thunderstorm outside. It’s not that a lot of patients seem to leave the sanatorium in good health. The third cover, not sure, the place rather looks like an abbey to me. The second one – plain boring. I don’t like it.

What is your favourite?

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  1. I have wanted to read this book since reading Haruki Murakami’s book ‘Norwegian Wood’ as it was mentioned there (along with the Great Gatsby and others). I have it on my Sony Reader… must get around to reading it.

    My favourite of the covers is the third English edition. I love the scene not sure quite how relevant it is to the book of course, but it reminds me of Norwegian Wood…
    Fiona’s last post ..And the winners are…


  2. I like the image as well, Fiona, I just think that the building doesn’t look like a sanatorium but rather like a church.
    I don’t know Norwegian Wood, but I like Murakami. If he mentions all those books in it, I should check it out. Sounds good to me.


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