Bag organizer

Some time ago I realized there were all sorts of organizers for handbags out there. A great idea, I never find things in my purse, possibly because I carry half my household around. There are organizers you just lift out and put in, like a bag in a bag, or organizers that are long and roll up, so you can adapt them to any bag size.

Instead of just buying one I asked my friend Lilach whether she would consider making me one and then even maybe offer them in her Etsy shop as well. So, to make a long story short, she agreed and created the most wonderful organizer for me. It is sturdy, has tons of small compartments for all sorts of items, comes with a key ring and just looks awesome all around.


I snagged this picture from Lilach since it shows the organizer so well.

And here it is in action in one of my handbags.


Thanks, Lilach, you did a great job! I love my new organizer.

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