Awesome’s Magic Bundles


Awesome Books are having a magic bundle sale at the moment. This sounds like an “awesome” deal, the used three-book-bundles are 4.99£ including postage to the UK, Europe and North America, so you can’t go wrong here. The bundles are pre-packed and either sorted by category or author. So, let’s have a closer look at some of them:

The Reference category bundles not-to-be-missed books like

  • “Angelina Ballerina’s Christmas Crafts”, “Angler’s Mail, A-Z Encyclopedia of Fishing in the British Isles” and “Antiques Roadshow, A-Z of Antiques Hunting”


  • "Daily Mail" Guide to Employment Law 1993, "Daily Mail" Tax Guide 2004/2005 and "Daily Telegraph" Book of Motoring Answers 2000-2001

Who would want to give those a pass?

The Health, Family and Lifestyle category offers among others the following bundle:

  • "Cosmopolitan’s" A-Z of Sex: Satisfaction from Aaaah! to Zzzz (is that humourous or what?), "Cosmopolitan": Love Letters – How to Analyse Your Lover’s Handwriting and (for people who want to clean up properly after getting dirty) the "Daily Mail" Book of Household Hints and Tips.

Neat, indeed!

They also have an extensive author’s list to choose from. Even if my eclectic choice from above sounds like the wrong thing to you, check the sales out! You might get lucky!

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