Needlework Tuesday: Crochet stole “Farmer’s garden”

After my scarf I finally started my new project, a stole. The pattern is from DROPS Design. The yarn is another one from 100Farbspiele. It is called “Bauerngarten” (farmer’s garden). Unfortunately I haven’t got a picture of it, but there is an image of a finished stole on their blog (not the one I am making though).


The yarn is wonderfully hand dyed with a gradient, so the colors change and the best thing is you never have to start a new skein. I love it, since I am lazy and don’t like to sew up all those little threads. I don’t know whether you can see it in the next picture but the color already started to change a bit. It goes from very dark purple to slightly green now with one thread of dark green in it.


Join us for Needlework Tuesday which is hosted by Heather from Books and Quilts. She is doing some embroidery and working on a quilt which, I am sure, will turn out beautifully. Marie, on the other hand, has dug up two older projects she would like to revive again. Have a look!

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  1. That is lovely. I looked at the pattern and it will show off the variations in the wool beautifully. Am looking forward to visiting more of your blog.


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