Needlework Tuesday: Balcony curtains

I’m afraid there is no big progress on my crocheted wrap, at least nothing worth showing. But I have finished another very small project, which is still quite a big thing for me.

I am a total sewing newbie, my sewing machine and I don’t particularly like each other and every time I want to sew something it is a fight. I thought I’d start with something really easy, rectangular and extremely uncomplicated. I made a couple of curtains for our balcony shelves. I have had those scraps of fabric from IKEA for ages and never did anything with them.

So, now I improved the looks of our balcony tremendously in about 30 minutes and I am rather pleased with myself. Matching tablecloth to come.

curtain1 curtain2

Join us for Needlework Tuesday which is hosted by Heather from Books and Quilts. She has made some progress on her mystery quilt. Marie at Daisy’s Book Journal is explaining about cross crochet, something I had never heard of before.

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