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  • “The Garden of Eden” by Ernest Hemingway, my second book by Hemingway
  • “The art of travel” by Alain de Botton (in German), another one by one of my favourite new writers
  • “Changeless” by Gail Carriger, finally I can continue the Parasol Protectorate series


  • “The Inventor’s Companion” by Ariel Tachna, already almost done with this one
  • “Undercover sins” by Hayley B. James
  • “Mandarin Orange” by TC Blue

What was in YOUR mailbox recently?  Check out other In my mailbox participants here.

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    • Judith, I know what you mean. I found Blameless a while ago, but Changeless never turned up. Either it is so good that everybody holds onto it or they all skip it. Finally someone put it up on my swap site and I managed to snag it immediately. I was lucky.

      Yes, where m/m in concerned I like TC Blue quote a bit, so I usually get all her new stuff as soon as it becomes available.


    • Dawn, the swapping works well for me only on that one (German) site. I posted about bookmooch and my frustration with it a few weeks ago. Was bookmooch one of those sites you cancelled?


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