Needlework Tuesday: Book covers

My wrap still hasn’t made much progress. So today I am showing you another one of my beginners’ sewing projects. As book lover I thought it might be a nice idea to have a look around for tutorials how to create a book cover – and found there are a LOT of them on the net.

Some of my book blog readers might be really surprised about me looking for book covers given the way I treat my books, but there you have it!

I decided to try out a tutorial for book covers by Mamas Kram, as it was in German and looked easy enough – even to me. In my usual fashion I messed it up somewhat and made the inside pockets to narrow, but it still works ok.

buchhuelle1 buchhuelle2

It worked so well that I created a cover for my e-reader from the same fabric. And to think I spent quite a bit of money on an e-reader cover on Etsy some time ago! Won’t happen again.


As far as creativity goes my week was unproductive otherwise. I had to go to the hospital three times within the last 8 days with the boys for one reason or other ( it always happens in the evenings or at night, doesn’t it), so my time to do anything else has been more than scarce.

Join us for Needlework Tuesday which is hosted by Heather from Books and Quilts. She has posted her progress on various projects and shows us the additional prizes for her fun Sushi sock contest.

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