Weekend cooking: Cookie of the Day

I suppose I can be forgiven that I only recently discovered Martha Stewart’s website. Over here she is not at all known, so even though I have heard about her I was never particularly interested.oatmeal_crisps Since I sort of stumbled across her site I am a huge fan. I subscribed to various newsletters, including the “cookie of the day” one.

There have been some great recipes coming into my mailbox, one that I immediately tried out are the Oatmeal Crisps. They are so easy to make, take only about 30 minutes from start to finish and are so good. Don’t they look delicious stacked like that?

Mine below don’t look quite so yummy, but were very nice nevertheless.

 oatmeal_crisps3 oatmeal_crisps2

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    • Caite, I since made another cookie of the day and it turned out to be a complete disaster, so I am not sure it is very much either hit or miss with them. I suppose I will have to try out a few more before I can be sure, :).


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