Mandarin Orange by TC Blue

Blurb: Riley has never been the kind of straight guy who sneers at gay men. Hell, most of his best friends are gay, and it only matters when Riley wants to drink a plain old beer at the froufy bars they drag him to. He can look and appreciate, but dudes just don’t do it for him. Or so he thinks, right up until the new downstairs tenant arrives almost literally on Riley’s doorstep.
The raging storm and motorcycle crash with which Kelly makes his entrance pale in comparison with the battle inside Kelly himself once he gets to know Riley. Riley is damnably hot, nice, and exactly Kelly’s type, except for one little thing — according to all the evidence, Riley’s straight.
Is love truly blind, or does it just wear blinders? Riley and Kelly need to figure it out before the labels and categories drive them irrevocably apart.

My thoughts: 

If you come to my blog more often you will already know that I really like TC Blue. I haven’t read a lot of “gay for you” stories before this one (the ones I have read were not as obvious), so I wasn’t really sure whether this certain spin is for me or not. Well, it turned out it isn’t. Don’t get me wrong, the plot is a good one, the characters are especially nice and likeable and if you like gay for you, then this will definitely be a good read.

To me the constant pointing out that Riley is straight (either done by himself or by Kelly) was just too blatant. I was grateful that at least Riley wasn’t one of those characters who keep denying their attraction. Still, why couldn’t they just settle on bi or whatever and get it over with? So, I think I will stay clear of obvious gay for you in the future.

There were a few more things that I didn’t like but they are completely down to my personal preferences, so they might not bother you in the least.

I don’t like pets as a “character” that turns up continuously to, for example, help others to become friends etc. Even though I am aware that dogs might actually be doing that in real life, I just don’t want to read about pets. They bore me to death. So Kelly’s monster of a dog really didn’t help me to appreciate the story.

Second, Riley’s cussing. I don’t mind cussing, I don’t mind four letter words and vulgar speech is fine with me. Riley, however, takes the usage of “fuck” and “fucking” to a whole new level. You would think the latter is an adjective you can and should attribute to everything and anything. This was just too much. Admittedly, after a while you simple overlook this due to overexposure, still it is annoying. Or at least it was to me.

If you like gay for you, love pets and don’t mind the overly frequent usage of the word “fuck” then you will like this quite a bit.

Title Mandarin Orange
Author TC Blue
Publisher Torquere Books
ISBN 978-1-61040-191-3
Buy link Buy Mandarin Orange

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