Weekend cooking: Cream cheese frosting recipes anyone?

Cupcakes have only recently come into fashion over here. No, not even into fashion, it’s more like that they have come to our attention. Most people are happy with a muffin, any add-ons and luxury ingredients would be considered almost extravagant.


However, the other day I found a baking mix for cupcakes and decided to give those little treats a try.  They turned out quite well and were quite delicious, even though they were fairly plain.


The frosting was especially nice and I would like to recreate it myself (it was made with some powder mix from the package and cream cheese and a very small amount of butter). I had a look around for a recipe for cream cheese frosting and there was an insane amount of them. So I thought I’d ask you whether you have a favourite recipe for cream cheese frosting that you could point me to. Is there a secret ingredient that makes it especially good?

Hot cross buns

Cupcakes made and eaten, this weekend I am trying to make hot cross buns, a sweet fruity bun traditionally eaten on Easter. Not that we are religious in the least, quite the opposite in fact, but who doesn’t like a sweet bun with raisins? I looked around for a recipe and found one by Nigella Lawson whose recipes I trust 100%. Just look at the look of the buns on the wikipedia site and Nigella’s! Which ones would you rather eat?

Happy Easter!


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  1. I adore hot cross buns!!! Oh yummm. Now I’m wondering about making some. Maybe next week.

    I don’t have any particular cream cheese frosting that I make. Cream cheese frosting is usually used on carrot cake, so I’d probably check out carrot cake recipes.
    Beth F’s last post ..Wordless Wednesday 126


  2. Oh yes, I love hot cross buns. I’ve never tried to make them myself, but then, when I lived in England they were easy enough to buy.

    I’m tempted now, but what a pity the dough has to go in the fridge overnight. Typical modern woman, me: I want it and I want it now. But I may still make them! Thanks for the links to the recipe. Yes, Nigella’s look much, much nicer.


  3. I haven’t made cream cheese frosting in a while, but I seem to remember that to cut the sweetness I added a small amout of orange extract, or sometimes a small amout of ground ginger.

    I love Hot Cross Buns; I didn’t have time to make them this year, but you have given me the idea to run out to the local bakery 🙂
    TheBookGirl’s last post ..Weekend Cooking 3- Boston Cookies


  4. I love both the items you mentioned today. I’d look at a recipe for carrot cake as Candace suggested. Nigella’s look the best but I’m off to check out Caite’s.


  5. This is a recipe I use for pumpkin bars. If you want it less creamy add 1/2 T of milk. It does stay soft so not too sure how it will work for cupcakes.

    Cream Cheese Frosting
    1 3oz package cream cheese
    3/4 stick margarine
    1 3/4 cups powdered sugar
    1 teaspoon vanilla
    1 tablespoon milk
    Mis together well.
    Nise”s last post ..Weekend Cooking – Easter Tradition


  6. @ Beth, Margot and Carol, oh, yes, you are right, carrot cake often has that kind of frosting. Will look into that.

    @Judith, I know, this also put me off, but I will go through with it for once.

    @The Book Girl, thanks for the tip! I think I would prefer the ginger. This would definitely be a nice additional touch.

    @Caite, will have a look at your blog. What a fun coincidence!

    @Nise, thanks so much for the recipe. The frosting on mine was rather firm when it came out of the fridge. I will definitely give yours a try.

    @Michelle, thanks, yeah, the picture almost turned out better than the cupcakes, :).


  7. oh no my comment dissappeared.

    I would choose Nigela’s.


    1/2 cup of butter, must be butter
    8 oz block of cream cheese
    3 to 3 1/2 cups icing sugar.

    you can add 1 tsp of vanilla extract, but also good with almond or rum flavouring.

    You need to add the butter so that the frosting will set up in the fridge.
    Heather’s last post ..Wake by Lisa McCann


  8. I love cupcakes, especially those with cream cheese frosting. We often have it on banana cake as well.

    Now I am craving some! I don’t need the cake, just the frosting!


  9. @Heather, thanks, Heather, that sounds very easy. Maybe this is why Nise’s recipe won’t get firm, because it has margarine in it?

    @Marg, tell me about it. Luckily our sons don’t like the frosting (they are odd, :)!!), so I get their frosting on top of my own.


    • Thanks for the link! I LOVE carrot cake as well, so this comes in handy. Will definitely give this one a try.


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