Android wallpaper "Spring”


I felt like something spring on my phone, so I used a few elements and a paper by Nina from simply me to make this very simple wallpaper for Android. The size is 640 x 480px , to download, please go to the file at mobile9.

Additional credits: Foliage brush by Jason Gaylor, designfruit.


To give you an idea, you can see what the wallpaper might look like in real life, depending on your phone model and homescreen.…


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  1. That looks really sweet! I’m getting an Android any day now… at least, if I change the colour I ordered. I went for silver, which hasn’t been in stock for weeks, while the black version is available the whole time. So, I’ll probably change my order so I can get my android. I haven’t been happy with my current mobile (2 years old) so I’ll be glad to move on.

    Didn’t know you could make your own wall paper. Well, you scrapbooking people would know! 🙂
    Leeswammes (Judith)’s last post ..It’s Monday! What Are You Reading


    • Thanks, Judith.

      Oh, yeah, you can make wallpaper. For other phones you can make whole themes, which I did before, but when I changed to Android I stopped doing that. I only create what I can use as well, :).

      I also usually go for silver, but it’s true, they always have black ready to ship and for other colours you have to wait for weeks. With our wish for instant gratification it is hard to wait, isn’t it?


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