Comparing covers: The garden of Eden

There are quite a few different covers out for “The garden of Eden” by Ernest Hemingway.

garden_of_eden_covereden1 eden2

eden3 eden5 eden6


My two favourite ones are the first two. The third one is ok, I suppose, no. four I am not sure about. What exactly is this supposed to be? The first German one, hm, the girl is not at all what I picture her to be like. The second German one is absurd. Is this supposed to be David? Ridiculous! The beach is ok, not saying much about the story and definitely makes it look more idyllic than it is. The book contains other love stories as well, but The garden of Eden is the cover story.

Which one do you like best, especially if you know the story?

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  1. I srtrangely enough have the english and german covers ,one my ex was german she left the hemingway behind in my collection ,all thhe best stu


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