Become someone else

A used book store in Lithuania called Mint Vinetu has quite a nice ad campaign going with the motto “Become someone else. Pick your hero at Mint Vinetu.”


Have a look at the posters at ads of the world!

One commenter said:

Do such ads work?

i agree that the approach, execution and copy are bang on, but would you pick up a book up because you want to be someone else?

I wouldn’t.

What on Earth can one reply to that?

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  1. Those commenters are harsh… I know it’s been done before, but they could have been nicer about it..

    To answer the question – isn’t reading all about escaping in a sense…. even if it’s only for a few minutes and don’t forget “fan” power – what would they say to those people wanting to be Harry Potter.. or JR Ward’s vampire’s brothers wife and girlfriend…

    Erotic Horizon’s last post ..NaBloPoMo – May 2 – In celebration of the messy bookshelf- MAYBE


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