Children’s Book Week

In the US it is National Children’s Book Week. You can find out everything about the event at the Children’s Book Week site.

There you will also find various ideas for how to celebrate during the week, you will find a downloadable book mark and lots of interesting links to events and other websites.

Time to list a few of my favourite children’s books:

  • Where the wild things are
    Unfortunately my kids are not too keen on it.
  • The Lorax
    Every kid show know the Lorax.
  • The Wizard, the Ugly, and the Book of Shame
    Wonderful artwork
  • Tyrannosaurus Drip
    The cutest story of a herbivore dino’s egg ending up in the T-Rex’ nest
  • The Gruffalo
    Who doesn’t love the Gruffalo?

wild thingsThe Lorax coverwizard_ugly 

t_drip gruffalo

You can find a more extensive list  in a previous Thursday 13 post about favourite children’s books.

What are YOUR favourite children’s books?

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  1. I had a large format, hardcover alpahbet book. It had a green cloth cover. I have no idea what it was called, but I do recall I loved it. I was so sad when a younger visitor came over one day and tore up all the pages. I was past reading it at that point, but it still made me sad.
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