Undercover sins by Hayley B. James


Police officer Gabriel Carter refuses to walk away from an assignment without seeing it through. So when he goes into deep cover as a male prostitute named Ty, he intends to do everything in his power to see his case to an arrest. He seduces his mark, Demetrius Prado, the second most powerful man in Las Vegas and a human trafficker, but the man is nothing like he expected.

The more Gabriel learns about Demetrius, the more twists and turns are thrown his way in the convoluted case leading to Demetrius’s rival, Arden, and beyond. It’s a case of mistaken identities and layer after layer of trumped-up cover stories, and Gabriel is sure there’s no way he’ll ever be able to trust Demetrius with his life… much less with his heart.

My thoughts: 

The story starts medias in res when Ty finally gets the chance to get closer to Demetrius. So we don’t know much about either of the protagonists and are being thrown right into the action.

I liked the story and the characters quite a bit, except that Ty’s principles as an undercover agent left quite a bit to be desired. Admittedly he was determined and wouldn’t back down from his mission even when his superior officer told him to pull out, but his motives were a bit dubious.

At the beginning he is determined to bring down Demetrius whom he often calls a monster. However, the hatred he feels for him doesn’t prevent him from falling in lust with Demetrius, and so he gives in to temptation as soon as the opportunity arises. Is this the responsible behaviour of a police officer undercover? OK, his cover is blown right away and he agrees to play yet another game to now bring down Demetrius’ rival, an even worse person called Arden. But his constant oscillating between believing Demetrius’ story and then deciding that he is a liar after all just grated on my nerves. His belief or disbelief in Demetrius was never based on any facts but rather his own unstable emotions.

So the so-called layer of layer of cover stories were actually only two and Ty could not make up his mind which one he should believe.

Also Ty’s constant disgust at the business methods he was witnessing were too much for me. Ok, I got it. Demetrius and Arden are human trafickers (among other things) and their business methods are less than refined. What would you expect? Every “normal” person would be appalled seeing people getting killed or treated like cattle, but Ty is an undercover police officer who should be a.) prepared for that sort of thing and b.) at least able to hide his emotions. He seemed to be neither. This just didn’t ring true and if the intention was to make him more likeable it didn’t work.

For me this was an ok read, but I think I wouldn’t read this story again. 


Title Undercover sins
Author Hayley B. James
Publisher Dreamspinner Press
ISBN 978-1-61581-855-6
Buy link Buy Undercover Sins

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