Book locations: The library café

Our library is being renovated at the moment, however, one part of it is left alone. It used to be an old cloister and the library cafe is situated on the ground floor with view to an inner courtyard.

They serve homemade cakes, snacks and drinks and also offer a large variety of international daily newspapers. A great place to sit, relax and read…


Cafe interior




Courtyard and sculpture


Does your library have a café? What does it look like?

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  1. That’s very beautiful, Rikki! Wow. I would love to spend some time there with a coffee and a book on a warm summer’s day! Although, inside looks nice too!

    No, our library doesn’t have anything like that. The building is 25 years old or so and rather uninspiring. But they do have a coffee machine (!) so you can sit down and have a coffee at the magazine table.

    Still, I love my library because it has… books! And the staff are friendly and helpful, too.
    Leeswammes (Judith)’s last post ..The Discovery of Heaven Read-a-Long- Week 1


  2. You know what? After everybody sounding a bit envious of the cafe I think a new post is in order about why our library sucks. And it does. The cafe is about the only thing I like about it. So, don’t be too sad if your library hasn’t got a nice cloister courtyard café, it’s the other things that count more.


  3. The garden looks amazing. Lol don’t ruin it for us with a “library sucks” post. I wish my uni library was at least close to an exit or any green space at all….hmmm


  4. You’re right, there are many things about a library that count more than having a beautiful cafe’, and I’m fortunate to have a wonderful library close by, but I gotta say – if my library had this courtyard, I would move in. This is absolutely beautiful!


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