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Tamara at Thyme for Tea has a post up about Paris in July asking people to suggest books, films etc. for the Paris in July participants.

This is quite hard actually. I looked through my Goodreads list of books for French themes or authors and must admit there are not many.

So, my list of suggestions for French themed literature or movies is short…


  • At the moment (as I am on a Hemingway roll) I am reading !A moveable feast” about Hemingway’s time in Paris as a young and unknown writer. It definitely has a lot of French flair.

Other books I very much enjoyed are

  • “Dangerous Liaisons” by Choderlos de Laclos. It is a novel in letters, you will probably know it from its film adaptation with John Malkovich and Glenn Close. I highly recommend it.
  • A very good book by a German author with lots of French atmosphere is “Perfume” by Patrick Süskind. If you have seen the film, I have to tell you, the book is much, much better.
  • If you like poetry you might want to give “The Flowers of Evil” by Charles Baudelaire a try.
  • The book I want to read in July is “Zwei Liebende” (Amants) by Catherine Guillebaud. I am not sure I will like it, the reviews are pretty divided. It is the story of a couple, both are married, but not to each other.



  • A good film which couldn’t be anything but French would be “Betty Blue”. That, by the way, would also be a good read. The novel the movie was made after is by Philippe Djian.
  • Then, I highly recommend “Queen Margot” (La reine Margot), a great film about the St. Bartholomew’s Day Massacre in 1572 and the events leading up to it.
  • I want to watch a film called “Sie sind ein schoener Mann” (Je vous trouve très beau) by Isabelle Mergaut. It is a comedy about a farmer who goes to Bucharest to look for a new, young, strong wife to help him out on his farm after his wife dies. It is supposed to be very funny.
  • And then there is the trilogy: Three Colours: Blue, Three Colours: White, Three Colours: Red. All three by Krysztof  Kieslowski. They are supposed to be very good.


A moveable feastliaisons perfume2zwei_liebende_cover


bettyblue reinemargot jevoustrouve

blue white red


There you go, this is as far as I have thought ahead. Have you got any recommendations for reading, watching or food wise? I would like to try some French cooking, but haven’t had a chance to look around yet. Have you got a favourite French dish? If so, let me know!

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  1. Life a user Manual perec in Paris ,the elegance of Hedgehog Barberry ,John Baxter write Non fiction some of it in Paris ,may be best look at coml=plete review site under french lit ,all the best stu
    stujallen’s last post ..May round up


    • Thanks, Stu. I think we have Life, a user manual somewhere around the house. Must look for it. I will check out the other books and authors you mentioned as well.


  2. I have to admit from the start that I loved `The Paris Wife’ and revelled in the period and circumstances described for the full duration of the book.

    I have read all of Hemingway’s books, including `A Moveable Feast’ which covers the same events described here, but this excellent `fact-tion’ book explores the relationship between Hemingway and his Wife, Hadley, during their sojourn in Europe, but from her perspective.

    The key elements and events of their lives are here, but fictionalised for ease of reading and to add a new twist to the glut of Hemingway biographies out there. This gives a deeper insight into Hemingway’s character as you see how his actions affected those around him and although most of his traits are now well documented, you see from a fresh perspective how he could be both warm and romantic, as well as callous and cruel. You are drawn into the life of literary Paris during the twenties and get a feel for the struggles the Hemingway’s put up with as he got his writing career up and running and as he slowly gathered more plaudits and acclaim from his peers and the wider reading public.


    • I have to check out “The Paris wife”. It sounds very interesting to see everything from her point of view. Once I have finished A Moveable Feast I will have a look for it. Thanks for bringing it to my attention.


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