Martha Stewart ideas for books

In the Martha Stewart craft of the day newsletter they talked about making waterproof book covers for the beach. That made me wonder what other book ideas the Martha Stewart empire comes up with. Here are a few…

If you have a bit of time to kill, go and browse a bit!

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  1. I love the crafty stuff you have bee nposting lately…

    I will admit I am a big fan of Martha Stewart stuff – I just got my sister to buy her scoring board in US for me.. not sold here in the UK…

    When I was growing up – all our test book had to be covered with something, either packaging paper or gift wrap paper -. Kids nowadays have no clue…

    Thanks for all the links…
    Erotic Horizon’s last post ..Friday- Audiobook Resources &amp GLBT Audio Retailers


    • Yes, my kids’ books are not covered either. What a shame! If Corin went to school with a nicely covered book his friends would probably give him odd looks.

      But I started sewing book covers lately (and for my Sony) and that is so much fun!


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