Bookish clothing

Would you like to make a statement and show your taste in books on your t-shirt? Out of print Clothing has the solution for you.

This is what they say about their clothes:

Out of Print celebrates the world’s great stories through fashion. Our shirts feature iconic and often out of print book covers. Some are classics, some are just curious enough to make great t-shirts, but all are striking works of art…



They also have an interesting blog with all sorts of bookish news. Check it out!

Image is a screenshot from the Out of print shop.


Fiona blogged about her new T-Shirt from Out of Print Clothing here.   

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    • Heather, you could always get a number of them, no need to limit yourself to only one, :).


  1. I bought myself one of their t-shirts the other week – The To Kill a Mockingbird one because it’s one that I’ve read and also really liked enough to want to advertise that fact!

    I’d like to get the Pride and Prejudice jumper next but maybe not too soon. The t-shirt in the end cost £22 including P&P which I thought wasn’t too bad, considering I’ve just spend £25 on a rather pretty top from Dorothy Perkins, and it isn’t even quite so unique, geeky or posted from the US of A. It’s made in India but I doubt that contributes to the high price!

    I really like the white and colourful The Great Gatsby shirt – must read that and hope I like it enough for the tee. I don’t know why anyone’d want to get the Lolita tee-shirt!


    • Oh, great, now we have a statement from someone who actually owns one!
      Apart from “The sun also rises” I quite like the Streetcar named desire one, the design is very stylish!

      The Lolita one looks like it is the movie poster of a soft porn from the 70s. I’m sure there are people who like to watch them, :). I agree that nobody who has read it would like to go and promote the general topic.


    • That would definitely be a cheaper solution. Actually, yeah, I might think about that and do something myself.


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