Weekend cooking: Elder blossoms


A couple of weeks ago we went to the annual Elder Blossom Festival elder_blossomin one of the surrounding villages. The specialty there are deep fried elder blossoms. Not that they are anything too delicious, they taste like, um, deep fried something, but it sure is a nice and romantic idea. This is what the dish looked like:


At the festival the drink of choice would be either elder water or elder liquor. Elder water is quite tasty and has a certain flavour that I had never met before. At the same time it is very refreshing. It’s the perfect drink for hot days when plain water just isn’t good enough.

I had a look around for a recipe and found a very simple one. This is not for syrup that needs to be diluted later, but this is ready made to drink.

Elder water


  • 7 large elder blossoms
  • 5 l water
  • 250g sugar
  • 3 untreated lemons

Boil water with sugar and pour over elder blossoms. Cut lemons into strips and add to it. Let rest over night. Pour through a very fine sieve and bring to a boil again. Fill up into bottles.

Some recipes add a little bit of vinegar. I suppose this depends on the personal taste.


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Elder blossom image from flickr.  

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  1. Elder Water is a whole new idea to me but it actually sounds like it would be very refreshing. I don’t know where I would find elder blossoms here in northern California but, who knows. It’s a lovely thought for a hot summer day.


  2. I wasn’t aware that quite a lot of you wouldn’t have access to elder, when we went to the festival we never even thught about the fact that it doesn’t grow everywhere. We just take it for granted.

    I know, eating flowers is already unusual, but eating them deep fried is a bit strange. It killed any other flavour. Definitely not for everybody.


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