Weekend cooking: Crock pot, first experiences

A few weeks ago I asked about what crock pot to buy since I am a total newbie when it comes to slow cookers. After taking to heart everything you told me and after carefully balancing expenditure and required features I went for a British make, Morphy Richards. I ordered it in the UK since the price there was, even with postage, much better than in Germany.

It is large, oval, has three settings and a removable pot. The only thing I didn’t get was the digital thingy, but it just was not worth the added expense in my eyes.

This is my new baby:



And this is it in real life (and bigger):


First experiences:

  • Inaugural dish was Beans Bourguignon (spelled wrongly, but that didn’t matter).  It was quite nice, but I think I need to know more about the amount of liquid in a dish. Somehow it was a tiny bit too much for my taste.
  • The next day it was Vegetarian Crockpot Layered Dinner. Can you tell I am excited about my new baby? The family ate it and liked it but I was not at all pleased with the soy sauce taste. Somehow it didn’t work for me. Next time the soy sauce has to go.
  • Then I felt I needed a timer to try out the oatmeal. Not that we couldn’t make porridge really quick after getting up, but I wanted to see what it’s like in the slow cooker. And, of course, I didn’t want to get up at 5 am to turn the thing on. As it turned out, the timer worked fine (cheapest thing in the shop, cost me €4,00) and the porridge was OK, but gooey and somewhat rubbery. Porridge made fresh at 8am on the stove is definitely better.
  • Now my favourite so far…Slow cooker vegetable curry from BHG. I had to adjust the recipe quite a bit because, believe it or not, I had no curry powder, but I had kurkuma, garam masala and what not, so I just tossed a few of those Indian spices in there. The second time I added some ginger and cardamom, also fine. The tapioca I left out, this is no pantry staple over here, so it goes without saying I didn’t have it. I didn’t have green beans, so I took zucchini instead, and I didn’t use tomatoes, but tomato puree. So, in fact, this is a completely different recipe. But it worked out well.

Since I liked the curry best I went and bought The Indian Slow Cooker by Anupy Singla. That book is going to be the topic for another weekend cooking post though.

My verdict

All in all I am more than pleased with the slow cooker concept. It is time saving and practical; you can do other things all day, smell your dinner getting ready and then sit down and eat without slaving over the stove. Perfect! Thanks everybody for your advice!


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  1. Oh, how fun! I used to love my slow cooker, it made for some really great stews particularly in the winter. I may need to check out your beans dish.


  2. Glad to see that you are having fun experimenting with your new kitchen toy. I have always wanted to try steel cut oats in the crockpot and never have — now I’m not so sure, since “rubbery” oats are not all that appealing, lol.


    • Yes, I agree. The oatmeal was edible but nothing else. The regular kind is definitely superior.


  3. The picture of the real thing is gorgeous. I never thought I’d think of a slow cooker as beautiful but that one is. It sounds like you are putting it to good use with all your experiments. Good luck. I look forward to reading more.
    Margot’s last post ..I’ve Become a Tomato Activist


    • Pat, thanks! I know there are so many recipes on the net, but it seems the number of vegetarian ones is a bit limited. I haven’t explored the BH&G sites yet though.


  4. Congrats on the new “baby”! I use mine several times a week. I must say though, that when a recipe has soy sauce in it, I tend to not use it–every time I have, the soy sauce gets a burnt taste.
    I hope you have fun scouring the internet for more recipes!


  5. Nice new toy! It takes a while to get the hang of using less liquid than normal (because nothing boils off) and to get the timing just right, but the slow cooker is such a nice way to go when you know you’ll be short on time in the evening.

    That Indian Slow Cooker book sounds wonderful. I adore curry!
    Beth F’s last post ..Imprint Extra: David Anthony and the Mixing of Genres


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