Comparing covers: Girl with a pearl earring

I had a look at the various covers of Girl with a Pearl Earring by Tracy Chevalier. All the covers feature one way or the other the painting by Vermeer, not surprising really.

Here are some British or US covers, some of which have a second painting on them which is also mentioned in the book, a view of Delft. I like those best. If you would like to know more about Vermeer, his life and art, I recommend to go to Essential Vermeer. That site has – among a lot of other information – a great interactive guide to Vermeer’s paintings that explains them in great detail.

girl_pearl_1 girl_pearl_2 girl_pearl_3

girl_pearl_4 girl_pearl_5

Here is a German, French and Italian one:

girl_pearl_dt girl_pearl_frgirl_pearl_it

Undoubtedly, it won’t take very long before the first cover appears that looks like this….


Already the first covers turn up that promote the book as “now a major motion picture” (see third English one).

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  1. I agree with Carol. I always try to search out the original cover for books that have been made into movies; sort of like those who deliberately look for the books without the “Oprah Book Club” sticker
    TheBookGirl’s last post ..Too much for me


  2. BookGirl, we haven’t got the Oprah Club over here, I suppose this is one thing to be thankful for, :).

    No idea why movie covers are even made. Who would want to buy a book that looks like the movie poster? I just don’t get that either.


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